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    A Gold Within Alumni Networking Event

    Thursday, February 25, 2021 at 7:30 PM until 8:30 PMEastern Standard Time

    We know you’re just about to start your DePauw career, but it is never too early to begin seeing just how a DePauw degree pays off! Start networking NOW! Not sure what networking fully entails? No worries - we have you covered. Join us for an evening of connecting with DePauw Alumni while learning more about a variety of professional fields and careers. Our staff will also provide you with some best practices for networking before you meet our alumni.

    Contact Information
    Mailing Address
    Mailing Address
    We will offer networking opportunities with alumni representing the following industry areas:
    • Arts/Graphic Design 
    • Business  
    • Communications (Writing, Marketing, Public Relations)  
    • Computer Science & Technology
    • Entrepreneurship  
    • Law  
    • Medical Fields
    • Performing Arts 
    • Research (Science/STEM & Humanities/Arts)
    Please share your primary and secondary areas of interest. If you are undecided, no worries! If you have more than two interest areas, you will be able to network with more than two industry areas during the session.