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    Rector Scholarship Nomination Form

    This form is to be completed by a high school counselor or teacher and is due by midnight, Monday January 28, 2019 (this deadline has been extended from the original January 15 deadline). A nomination form is required along with a student submitted Rector application.

    The Rector Scholarship is DePauw University’s oldest and preeminent merit academic award. Since its beginning in 1919, more than 4,000 graduates have earned Rector awards and many are among DePauw’s most distinguished and honored alumni. Edward Rector himself described his gifts to the University as “investments in humanity, in the men and women who are to carry on the work of our country and the world when you and I are gone.”

    What are we looking for in a Rector Scholar?
    • Graduating at or very near the top of his/her high school class, having taken the most difficult curriculum available
    • Standardized test scores at or near the top five percent of scores nationwide
    • Striking intellectual curiosity, ambition, exceptional extracurricular involvement, demonstrated leadership and well-regarded character
    Please use the space below to nominate an individual for this special award.
    Student's Birthdate
    If you know the student's address please enter it here:

    Nominations and applications are due by January 28, 2019.

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