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    Alumni Volunteer Options

    Thank you so much for your willingness to help recruit the best and brightest future Tigers!

    Below is a list of opportunities for alumni to help us recruit the next class. We have included the months and/or time or year each task takes place. Select as many as you are interested in. For a detailed description about what each type of activity entails, please see the Volunteer Activity Details section at the bottom of this form.
    Volunteer Activities
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    Volunteer Activity Details
    Represent DePauw at a college fair (Fall and Spring)
    DePauw’s Office of Admission engages in large scale national recruitment efforts throughout the
    United States each and every year. While our trained admission staff travels 8 - 10 weeks in the
    Fall and 3 - 4 weeks in the Spring, they cannot always be in two places at once. As an alumni
    college fair representative, you are responsible for representing DePauw at a college fair near
    you. DePauw’s Office of Admission would complete your entire registration process leading up to
    the event and mail admission materials to your preferred mailing address in a timely manner. At
    the fair you would distribute DePauw materials and share your DePauw experience with
    prospective students and their families, making sure to collect the student’s contact information
    to share with their admission counselor and our office. Generally, college
    fairs occur on weeknights (some weekends) and last between 1 ½ to 2 hours. They are hosted at a high
    school or public venue. You do not have to know all the answers of current academic offerings
    at DePauw, but rather be willing to excite prospective students and genuinely engage with them
    about the opportunity to be a DePauw Tiger.

    Personal one-on-one meeting (Fall or late Spring)
    Students visiting campus may often have an opportunity to meet with an admission counselor
    for an admission appointment or interview. Often DePauw will host regional meetings for
    prospective students interested in learning more about DePauw. While DePauw does not
    require an admission interview in reviewing prospective students and applicants for admission,
    we do offer meet and greet opportunities for students to engage with members of DePauw’s
    alumni network. If interested, our office and the Admission Counselor
    responsible for your market would connect you with a prospective junior or senior. Once
    introduced, you will be responsible for finalizing a time to meet the student over coffee at a
    public venue or secure a time to chat over the phone or Skype. We would like these one-on-one
    meetings to run between 30-45 minutes. These can serve as a great way to get to know our
    future applicants and keep them interested and even more excited about DePauw by
    experiencing life as a Tiger through a graduate’s perspective. Upon completion of the interview
    you may keep in touch with the student as they continue their college search. You will also
    complete an interview report electronically that will be shared with the student’s admission
    counselor at DePauw.

    Admitted student phone calls (December, January, February & March)
    Once prospective seniors complete their entire application to DePauw they may be admitted to
    the University as early as December or January. If you're interested, our office would contact you about congratulatory calls to admitted seniors. We would provide you with the contact information of admitted students, along with general interests they have expressed in their application. You would be responsible for calling those students congratulating them on their admission to DePauw and encouraging them to either attend our admitted student day on campus or finalize their place as a Tiger in the incoming class. This is a great chance to showcase DePauw’s alumni network and expose admitted students to the relationships and opportunities that exist should they choose DePauw. 

    Calls to Parents/Guardians of Admitted Students (December, January, February & March)
    Parents/Guardians are one of the top influencers in a student's college decision, so connecting with parents of admitted students is just as important in many cases. This is a chance to have candid conversations about the value of a DePauw degree and what that means for their child long-term. Admission would provide all contact information for those parents and can provide questions to ask in order to start the conversation with the parents/guardians. 

    Write post cards and/or letters (November, December & June)
    Leading up to the holiday season and winter break, DePauw’s Office of Admission needs your
    help in personal correspondence with future Tigers. We would provide you with holiday postcards and DePauw branded letterhead/postcards to write handwritten notes to prospective students and applicants. You would also be provided with student information and all materials needed to complete this letter writing/postcard project. The goal of this winter project is to keep DePauw in mind for students as they break from school for the holidays. You may also be contacted to complete additional postcard and letter writing campaigns throughout the year.

    Allow us to feature your profile in publications
    DePauw’s Communication and Marketing team, as well as Admission Office, designs recruitment materials to distribute to prospective students throughout their college search. Alumni testimonials and biographical publications can be sent to students to showcase the many faces and experiences found throughout DePauw’s alumni network. Our office would contact you to be profiled in future publications. An online form will be sent to you to collect all relevant information needed to aid our publication teams. In some instances a phone call or interview might be scheduled for additional content. By agreeing to participate, you would grant DePauw University permission to showcase your story and likeness in print, digital and other publication methods.