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    Alumni Volunteer Options

    Thank you so much for your willingness to help recruit the best and brightest future Tigers!

    Below is a list of opportunities for alumni to assist with admission projects. With many events changing to virtual formats, things will be different this year. But, being virtual gives us more opportunities to have you involved regardless of where you live!

    Once you complete this form, we will follow-up with a training manual which includes information about the admission process, fun facts and campus oriented talking points, and best practices. If you volunteer to participate in a notecard writing campaign we will supply cards, content templates, and of course a list of students/families.

    For a detailed description about what each type of activity entails, please see the Volunteer Activity Details section below.

    Volunteer Activity Details

    Virtual Panel, Student Meet-Up, or Special Event: September-November
    -Participate along with admission counselor(s) and fellow alumni and/or current students.
    -Examples: Alumni Panel focusing on a particular major or career field, BINGO Night Special Event, Prospective Student Zoom Meet-up.
    -Goal: Interact with possible applicants, share your DePauw experience and advice.

    Tomorrow's Tigers Note Card Campaign: September-next year
    -Targeting high school students ranging from sophomores-seniors.
    -We will supply you with a list of students, details about your list (optimally matching your geographic location, major, etc.).
    -You will also receive note cards and content templates.

    Holiday Note Card Campaign: December
    -Goal: To spread holiday cheer and keep DePauw on the radar as students head into holiday break.
    -We will supply you will a list of students, festive DePauw holiday cards and content templates.

    Represent DePauw at a Virtual College Fair along with admission counselor: September-November
    **Very limited opportunities for the Fall**
    -These would likely have you in a Zoom-room with an admission counselor to tag-team questions from prospective applicants.
    -These are generally during weeknights/weekends and are usually 2 hours in length.

    Volunteer Activities
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